Losing a lot lately??

Losing a lot lately??

Jun 25, 2016, 12:41 AM |

So, you are a -1500 (or maybe higher, Im just 1350-1400 in avg) and you play a lot to get more rating, or to get more victories. This worked great and you got to a very good rating and managed to defeat those who are better than you. But then came 'The Slump'. 

 You are now starting to lose alot and there is a sudden drop in your rating (Mine went as low as 1303 and I had an upcoming tournament in school). Now you are soo upset, blaming yourself cant get yourself to win more than lose. 

If this is your issue then you have come to the right place 

I know exactly how you feel and I know exactly what you want to do, I faced it alot. So let me begin
  1. Take a break :- I feel that one of the main reasons a player get slump is because stressing oneself. It would be a great thing to give your brain a bit rest.(In my last slump it took me nearly 2 weeks to get back in form). But this doesnt mean you have to completely stay away from chess, and that leads to my second point
  2. Use tactics:- When you climb up a lot of rating means that your opponent also must be stronger than before. they maybe using tactics too and this makes them ahead of you. Dont let that happen. Use tactics. Use lots and lots of tactics. Tactics is somthing that will always help you in games. (In some matches of mine, I got some almost exactly same positions). If you cannot afford a premium membership. then try other free websites, google it.
  3. Analyse your own games:- Another important thing one must do to get back in form. Try analysing and understand where you made mistakes as failure is the stepping stone of success. If you can successfully learn where you made, you can also avoid it the next time.
  4. View some videos and learn more opening:- This will give you a greater view of things and also more options. I have learned a lot from a youtube channel calles 'thechesswebsite'. There alot of openings, traps (some opponents fall easily to some), and analysis.
Well, after managing to get back, dont stress too much, you learn more, use tactics and analys. DONT GET BEHIND
Do all this and I am 100% sure you will get back in form. 
Thank me later!Laughing
Hope this post helps!!