CBase Chess 1.0 for iPhone/iPod Submitted!

CBase Chess 1.0 for iPhone/iPod Submitted!

NM ajgreen

I finally submitted my first app!  Apple has an unbelievable number of certificates you have to obtain to compile, run, and then submit your application.  It took me almost 2 hours from the start of my submission process to the end to get everything down.  Anyway, it's waiting for review, and it's my understanding that most applications are approved within a week, so let's hope the same goes for mine!

CBase Chess 1.0

CBase Chess is a free PGN database viewer. Cbase Chess supports PGN standards whichs makes bringing your databases from your chess software at home to your iPhone or iPod touch easy!


  • *Games with variations! Supports RAV (Recursive Annotation Variations) for as many variations as your game holds.
  • *Games with commentary annotations.
  • *Opens PGN files from the web! Registers as a PGN reader so you can open your files from a website, or from apps which support document forwarding like Dropbox!
  • *iTunes document support. Add new databases via iTunes.
  • *Player search.


I definitely plan on adding more features, including improved views for the gametext/annotations, but in the mean time I felt that my product was ready to ship a 1.0 and get user feedback that I can use to guide the development process.