CBase Chess 2.0 - iOS Chess Database

CBase Chess 2.0 - iOS Chess Database

NM ajgreen

I finally got around to updating my app and it's time for a shameless plug!  CBase Chess 2.0 has just beomce available on the App Store at  

A lot's happened since I first released the original CBase Chess 2 years ago - I've since finished school, and have miraculously found a career making iOS apps.  Unforunately that left little time for me to work on my own app, but I finally started making time to really improve CBase.  It's been completely rewritten and is now a universal binary!  New features include

  • FEN support (one of the biggest problems with the old CBase was that it didn't support FEN tags)
  • The ability to disable variations - turn off variations from the setting menu from within the game and you'll only follow the current line you're on.
  • Variations are less obtrusive!  The variation popup could get very annoying if you were looking through a heavily-annotated game. The variations list comes up over the movelist when needed.  Just hit the next move button to continue on with the current line.
  • Database renaming - sometimes databases come in with hard-to-read names.  You can name rename them by selecting the blue detail button from the database list menu.
  • Board animations!

CBase Chess has also been updated to provide VoiceOver support for low-vision users.  While I don't expect many people will use it, I believe it's important for developers to make their apps as accessible as possible to everybody.

Best of all, CBase Chess is still free!  I'd love to receive feedback, and good ratings / reviews definitely inspire me to work harder on the app (please be kind with critique of the graphics - I'm a developer, not a designer!).  Available for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPads running iOS 5.1 or later.