Washington Chess Congress

Oct 11, 2016, 6:59 PM |

For some reason I always do really well at this tournament, it's been three times in a row this has happened. I've gained 251 points in the last 2 years, and 175 of them have been from the three times at this tournament, from 1929-1984, then from 2072-2100, then from 2088-2180. Here are the games, which will be starting from middlegame positions to prevent people from using this to prep me.

Round 1: (Opponent IM)

Round 2: 1/2 point bye

Round 3: (Opponent IM)

Round 4: (Opponent FM)

Round 5:

Round 6: (Opponent IM)

Round 7: (Opponent GM)

Round 8: (Opponent GM)

Round 9: White against Andy Huang (2236)

Final Score: 5/9!Smile  Rating: 2088-2180!Smile

I was really happy about my performance here, especially after being in a slump for a few months.