my cool game this week

Dec 5, 2012, 11:57 PM |

This is probably one of the best blitz games I have played recently with only two mistakes according to the computer analysis...

The time control is 5 minutes with no extra time per move.

So I knew 8.Bd2 was a book move (looked it up on once) and I have played that opening sequence a few times before, although I don't know what it's called. According to my research the best move would be 8.Bd3, but I wouldn't be comfortabIe playing that position with a blocked d2 pawn.

The black played 11...Nd5 which seemed a bit off. I think developing the c8 bishop to b7 or g4 would have been a better move.

12. Bd2 accusing th a5 knight with ideas of c4-b4-Nc3 or just supporting Nc3 - it's a flexible move. I think this was one of my better moves.

12...Nb7. 13.c4 Nf5. 14.Bxf5 exf5. 15. d4 c5. 16. d4 locking the center and 16... g5. I think black got greedy with this in an inferior position - trying to stir up some trouble with a pawnstorm. 17.h3 making g4 much less appealing. 17... f5. 18Nh2. later in the game I realized that Nd2 would have been better and eventually moved the knight back to f3 then d2

18...Qf6. 19. Nc3 Be5. 20 Rc1 getting the rook out of the e5 bishops x-ray and defending the knight and the pawn structure. 20... Bd7. 21.Nf3 Bd6. 22.Nd2 Kh7. I thought Kh7 was a waste of time because I saw no means to threaten the black king anytime soon.


23.f3. The computer calls this a mistake and suggestes 23.QB3. According to the computer 23.f3 lost me almost 1.5 points reducing my advantage to only 1.01. However I didn;t like the idea of 23.Qb3 Rfb8. I felt f3 defended well against black pawnstorming plans.

23... Rg8 - black doesn't give up his pawnstorm idea.

Now I make a few inaccuracies in the following sequence but the moves  worked well with my understanding of the position:  24. a4. Be5. 25. Kh1. Qg6. 26. Bd3. Kh8. 27.Qc2. Raf8. 28. Rce1. Bd6. 29.Nb5 Qh5. I prepared Nb5 with a4 with the idea to install my knight there to either annoy black with it or lock the position in the queenside and aim for the queen side and blacks loose king. Then I set up an annoying x-ray with bd3 and brought my c1 rook to the open central file. Then black messed up with 29...Qh5 giving up his darksquared bishop and allowing my rook to penetrate on e7. I think 29...Bb2 would have been better and the computer agrees.


30.Nxd6. Nxd6. 31. Re7. the computer likes b4 better but I'm sticking to my plan... 31... Rg7. 32.Rfe1 g4. 33. Rxg7 Kxg7. 34 Re7+ Rf7. 35.Qc3+ Kg8. 36.Qe5 is a mistake according to the computer. at this point, with 1 minute left I was relying on intuition and positional reasoning. I figured i'm a pawn up and I have a protected passed pawn - if black can't handle the pressure and wants to trade queens, I think i can convert this into a win.

The computer's best move 36.Rxf7 ahs a rather akward continuation which I doubt i would have figured out even if I hade 2 hours on the clock.

36... Ne8?? black blunders with 20 seconds left. 37. Rxe8 Bxe8. 38 Qxe8 Kg7. 39.Qe5+ Kg8. 40. fxg4 fxg4??. 41.Qxh5 and black let his clock run for the last 13 seconds


This is my first post here

I would appreciate any useful comments and critique

Thank for reading my post