Destination 2300 ELO   Series    Preamble !!

Destination 2300 ELO Series Preamble !!

CM akinov-akinseye
May 10, 2016, 3:57 AM |

  I am CM Akinseye Akinleye (Akinov) a FIDE Candidate master with a standard rating (OTB) of 1797  , quite low for a CM who should be at least 2200 ELO , yeah i got my FIDE title from a FIDE Zonal tournament where i got my Ffirst (Initial) FIDE rating of 1797 ( standard) and 1906 (Blitz).

  My title has now motivated me to aim for a befitting FIDE rating and that should be 2200 but i have resolved to work hard towards 2300 with a target date as 1st December 2018  that is on or before the 1st day of December 2018 i must have achieved a FIDE rating (standard) of 2300 !! i have even gone ahead to have a bet with a friend who believes i can not achieve this feat in a very strong chess environment in Nigeria where we have many GM-slaying master players . well  stand to gain about $ 1,300 US Dollars in reward cash from a very good friend of mine if i get to 2250 ELO  (reward term  is actually lower than my target) on or before 1/12/2018 !! well the reward is just to serve as part of the MOTIVATING FACTORS now i have to go to work , and this blog shall document my training and progress report  i have since freed my self from the expectations of others so this is not about success or failure but about working hard, enjoying my self while giving the game i love my very best and seeing how it all goes.

 " Success is not Final, failure is not fatal, it is courage that counts" - Winston Churchill 

I have a lot of work to do surely  to gain  503  ELO  before 1/12/2018   playing in Masters category in Nigeria.