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Reading list (Best chess book collection) for future champions.

Reading list (Best chess book collection) for future champions.

Oct 28, 2015, 2:19 AM 0
Here is my my Reading list to improve the thinking process -
Stage one
1.The ABCs of chess - Pandolfini
2.Encyclopedia of Chess Wisdom - Schiller
3.Grand master at work - Kotov
4.The amateur’s mind – Silman
5.How to reassess your Chess – Silman
6.Think like a Grand master - kotov
7.Play like a Grand master - Kotov
8.Train like a Grand master – Kotov
9.The inner Game of chess- Sotis
10.Secrets of chess training - Dvorestky & Yusupov
11.Chess for Tigers – Simon web
Stage two
1.Understanding Chess middlegames – Nunn
2.Amateur to IM – Jonathan Hawkings
3.Silman’s complete Endgame Course – Silman 
4.School of chess Excellence 1 (Endgame) – Mark Dvoretsky
5.Endgame manual - Mark Dvoretsky
6.Attack & Defence – Dvorestky & Yusupov
7.School of chess Excellence 2 Tactics-– Mark Dvoretsky
8.School of chess Excellence 3 Strategy - Mark Dvoretsky
9.My System – Nimzowitch
10.Secret of modern chess strategy – Watson
11.Pawn structure chess - soltis
Calculation ,Move by move ,Game collections
Tactical Exercises books ****

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