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Memory 1- why I started chess

Dec 24, 2011, 1:34 AM 8

Why I started chess

Episode 1

The first time that i've touch chess piece for a games... Never thought it takes almost another 2 years before i've played another.. Cry The reason for this was my fellow classmate check mate me in 3 steps... On my very first games..... 

I was 13 years old at that time and it was after my form 1 secondary school exams.... 

Episode 2

Though I never actualy play.. or even know the rules of chess... When i've seen people playing over the board... Its always come to my mind that i can win the games if i'm the one playing.... (don't know why i'm thinking that way...).. I'm very shy back then... Although i really want to learn how to play chess... I'm to shy to ask anyone to teach me to play...... (haha.... i'm really-really shy person at that time)

Luckily... on my micro genius consoles... on one of the games cartridge... there are one chess games... (ChessMaster 2000) if I'm not mistaken...

Transfering to new school on form 3 (15 years old at that time).. This was my first chess teacher.....

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