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Rating in Chess.Com

Dec 17, 2011, 7:44 PM 10

Hi you guys.. I'm new here.. Registered to chess.com back 2009 but never actualy active in chess.com. Thanks to Manjazam for reintroducing Chess.Com.... Never thought of playing corespondence chess because i always thought that live games is all that attractive (maybe because i'm older now haha...). Though i'm not really a highly rated player.. I just wan't to share some experience that i'm learning on Chess.com..

1) rating

First we need to understand that rating in chess.com is not the same with FIDE rating... The system used in chess.com is based on glincko rating system.. It was not only based on the opponent rating like what FIDE rating using but also variable call Glincko SD(standard deviation)... this variable determined how accurate your rating is...

When you first start, the variable is huge so your rating will swing more higher (this explain why when you first started.. any win or losses will increase@decrease your rating by huge margin)... The more you play... the lower your Glinko SD because the system have somewhat calculate your rating more accurately.... and any win or losses will increase@decrease by smaller margin.... Its not only your Glinko SD that matter,  but also your opponent's Glinko RD also contribute to calculation of your increase@decrease in rating.. Basiccaly... win agains the higher Glinko SD opponent will increase your rating more than lower ones...


Now we understand more about the rating system in chess.com. Using this.. we can evaluate how accurate the rating is compared to his true plaring strenght... Take note that the more games the person play the more accurate his rating is..... 


But thats not all..... If you have not played any games for long times@your playing strenght increase... your Glicko RD also may increase... but this does not mean bad thing... Higher Glinko RD also mean that any win will jump your rating higher...

Hope this info can be usefull... and I will continue in part 2 of this articles...

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