Scandinavian (center counter) defence transposing to Sicilian

Jul 27, 2016, 10:16 AM |

Hello! al975678 aka Alrexag in touch. I'm new here. I want to analyze my recent chess game with Society. The question is how good and strong is Scandinavian defence? Unfortunately, it is played mainly at the amateur level. If White plays 2.e5 (the following game shows it), there're many opportunities for Black. I played ...c5, ...Nc6. White wants to create ideal pawn center by playing c3 and Plan White to play d4. Early Queen extension by Black is right here. Black wants to castle queenside and they do it. White castles kingside. 13.c4+ is very important move for development. 15.d4 is critical move of this game. My opponent is losing his Rook - for what? This is turn empty space. Сompensation could be the presence of two bishops, when Black had only one Bishop. But White exchanged his white-squared Bishop for Knight. In the end of game Nxf7 was very bad move for White. Opponent hoped to win a Rook. I just played Ng3+. My opponent finally lost his Queen, but, before moving away his King from check, he resigned.

I hope, you enjoyed this game. And I wish you good luck in your chess. I will post more games with analysis.