3 Steps To Visual Perfection of Live Chess (a must read)

May 3, 2013, 8:04 AM |

chess.com's basic theme provides us with a  brown chessboard and a  bright white background in live chess;which may prove to be fatal if anyone stare at the board too long .

               However, live chess'es visuality can be improved by changing theme and other board settings and here is how we'll do it.

  • Select a dark theme that doesn't hurt your eyes.    
  • SUGGESTIONS:select asterion's dark theme which i'm currently usingCool [ actually, I'm using al_farabi's dark theme,an edited version of asterione's.u can find  it by searching :)]
  • Change board and pieces style as you wish 
  • SUGGESTIONS:Change board style to green and select - show algebraic coordinates outside the board to have a bold look.
  • Use full screen feature of your browser to increase the size of the board ;)
  • after applying all the settings mentioned above your live chess should look like  this.............
  • there maybe other cool themes,if you know of any please let us know..so,good luck with the cool live chess exposure!:D