Agressive Amateur Chess #2: Creating an upset

Agressive Amateur Chess #2: Creating an upset

Dec 11, 2013, 3:08 AM |


For my second blog entry I had a look at my very first major upsets (not counting timeouts/blunders etc). They are almost two years old and my rating was around 1550.

While browsing my games I noticed that I almost exclusively scored all my upsets with white! Also both presented games have a faster move rate than normal, and in both games my opponent took some of the material I offered to speed up my attack. These 3 factors were quite significant.

The first game belongs to my favorites, even today:




Analysing the second game actually took more time than the previous 3 combined. I actually always thought the people doing engine analysis are doing an easy job.. couldn't have been more wrong. Especially when the evaluation changes back and forth during one move you'll get quite confused.
The way I see it, the engine is like a very concerned woman - also very moody. But because she is indeed smarter than you you'll have to investigate and see which lines are dangerous and which are not.

For better reading I split the game in two parts - the first diagram is focussing on how I got my attacking position:

Ok, obviously white has an attack now, but how did black get into this mess? The engine found 5 missed chances (2x Qb6, 2x Ng4, 1x gxh5) to have a good game.

The big problem for black probably was that he didn't play for a counterattack at all. And at some point it's hard to gain the initiative back.

Also interesting: The move played (12..Nxh5) was considered a good move by the engine too, before it suddenly jumped and changed it's evaluation.

Ok, now let's look at the complete game: White's attack is not at all easy to defend, and I investigated most of the engines defences:

Alright people, leave a comment if you enjoyed my games. Also look at last weeks blog.

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