Agressive Amateur Chess #4: Crushing and getting crushed

Oct 12, 2014, 3:19 AM |

When I first hit 1800 on this website, around 2 years back, the first thing I did was enter a 1800-2000 tournament. I believe at that time I had a breakthrough rating-jump in the tactics trainer, and I wanted to really get a good test on my "new abilities". It was a Scotch-tournament, and I never heard of the opening before.


Look what happend in the first game:


Oh man! Crushed in 10 moves! Those 1800+ players, really know what they are doing... that was just aweful.

So I was really eager to improve, and not get whiped out again.

I took a bit of time and looked at the opening in the explorer (on chesstempo), also read some wikipedia. And I played this game, which is one of my favorites until today - enjoy: