Analysing my losses #1: Feedback Wanted

Oct 1, 2014, 3:21 AM |

In one of his videos GM Yasser Seirawan advised, that the way to get better at chess is to present detailed analysis to stronger player.

Thus I present a game where I lost. It's a game in which I didn't perform very well, but its still very much entertaining.

I highly encourage you to give feedback on my game analysis. Do you think I understand my mistakes? Are tactics the main thing I should continue to work on? How do you like the presentation in a PGN, is it readable or should I split the game into text and diagrams for the next time? - Thanks a lot.


In this game, I faced a Pirc-Defence, which I very rarely get. I used the Database for the opening moves, and I'm pretty sure I must have seen this game: - which eventually gives white a winning position. After this I went on to proove the testimony that its never easy to win those.