The best game i ever lost!

Dec 3, 2011, 10:09 PM |

My valued chess friends,

here is the best game where i was defeated on chess dot com.


it is a warm-up game between friends who are number one (me: alainlecur) and two (him: 'faultlesschess' - note: i call him" 'faultychess'!!) in the Orient EXChess Tournament. My friend is currently playing at a rating over 1900, and is as yet undefeated on chess dot com. i own the only draw he has succumbed too. i had a winning pawn advantage and control of the position, but it would have lasted until hell freezes over. (unlike myself, 'faulty' takes his own sweet time to play!)


this game is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, especially by me. i sacced a bishop toward the end of the game, thinking i wud get decisive counterplay but i was sadly mistaken. i was losing anyway (positionally), so big woopie! i think you will enjoy what he does when his e-pawn reaches the promised land. if he had taken another queen i wud have still been (barely) alive as i would have won a rook and a bishop for it.

but no! he takes a knight, and see what happens!

Tongue out

here is the listing! 

[Site ""]

[Date "2011.11.22"]

[White "alainlecur"]

[Black "faultlesschess"]

[Result "*"]

[WhiteElo "1801"]

[BlackElo "1880"]

[TimeControl "1 in 3 days"]

 1.Nf3 Nf6 2.g3 g6 3.d3 Bg7 4.Bg2 O-O 5.O-O d5 6.Bf4 Nh5 7.Be5 f6 8.Bc3 e5 9.e3 Nc6 10.b3 Be6  11.Nbd2 Qd7 12.e4 a5 13.exd5 Bxd5 14.Ne4 b5 15.Bb2 b4 16.Nc5 Qe7 17.Na4 Qd6 18.c4 Bf7 19.d4 e4 20.Ne1 f5  21.d5 Ne5 22.Bd4 Rfe8 23.f4 Ng4 24.Bc5 Qd8 25.Rc1 g5 26.Bh3 gxf4 27.gxf4 Nhf6 28.Ng2 Bh5 29.Qe1 Nd7 30.Be3 Ra6  31.Qd2 Rg6 32.Kh1 Qf6 33.Bg1 Qe7 34.c5 e3 35.Qd3 e2 36.Rfe1 Nh6 37.Rc2 Nf8 38.Rd2 Rd8 39.Bxf5 Nxf5 40.Bf2 Qf7  41.d6 cxd6 42.c6 Rc8      

 43.Rc1 Ne7 44.c7 Ne6 45.Nb6 Rxc7 46.Rxc7 Nxc7 47.Nc Rxg2

48.Kxg2  e1=N+

at this point - i was so in shock that - i resigned thinking that i had to move my king???? when all i had to do was play:

49.Bxe1 !!! 

however, if you play through what i think is the best defense for white you will find the continuation:


50.Nxa5 Ne6 51.Bg3 Nxf4+ 52.Bxf4 Qxf4

53.Rf2 Qg4+ 54.Kf1 Bg6 55.Qf3 55.Qd4 56.Re2 Bd3

57.?? Bxe2 58.Qxe2 Be5

etc., and white is clearly lost and has been for sometime.


alainlecur (alan o creaser, phd, md)

torrington ct usa 12/04/12:30 am