World Chess Map

May 15, 2015, 1:05 PM |

I am a huge chess fan tho not much of a heavy hitter :)

But it's really more than just a board with pieces on for me: each game is a story - sometimes the plot is rather dull, sometimes it has Hitchcock suspense and Bradbury cliffhangers. Sometimes you can even find a true friend among the cast... And, like in books, you can travel anywhere holy spirit of random brings you.

I don't know how many countries I've "visited" since Feb 2012 when I signed up for, and I decided it would be cool to track them all. In April 2015, my friend and I started kinda flashmob called World Chess Map to pin each country we play here be it Live Standard, Blitz or Online Chess. So feel free to contribute and help me fill in the blanks on my map by challenging me in whatever game you wish. I've had 10 flags in my chest so far: 

the USA (,
Denmark (,
India (,
Poland (,
Romania (,
Turkey (,
Finland (,
Slovenia (,
Canada (,
and Great Britain (

186 to go! Afoot and light-hearted I take to the open road :)