Help me analysing this

I had this game recently and i decided to analyse it with computer analisys... but i am sure that what the analisys mark as a blunder, it's no at all a blunder

so here is the game


So my questions are... about
17... f4 (and 18... Rf5, because that's why f4 was for)
20... Bb7... because it is was not a blunder.. maybe was not the best, but not a blunder


  • 6 years ago


    thanx Squarecat... yeah, my opponent moven the queen too much, i was expecting cxd there, not taking with the queen, maybe because i was many points lower than him, he played so agressive

  • 6 years ago


    I can't answer for the computer's analysis of your moves but whites blunders were many (more). This is a classic example of bringing the Queen out too early (white). Not only was she hounded but she also impeded the use of the other white pieces. At #16 rather than advance the d pawn (taking away the short castle) white makes another blunder with the Queen. Almost half of white's moves involved the King or Queen. That means unused white pieces and poor board development. Looks like some of my mistakes Smile

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