Deflation and other such nonsense

Deflation and other such nonsense

Dec 17, 2014, 10:50 PM |

In economics, deflation is a decrease
 in the general price level of goods and services
Deflation occurs when the inflation rate falls below 0%
(a negative inflation rate)

football animated GIF

So granted our "good fortune" in the Chapions League draw
What next during this jam packed festive period
 and into the annual January Transfer follies?

Well then lets dance!!!

Now IF??!!

apocalypse now animated GIF

My thesis that the players and their wages are inflated then this is the Apocalypse!!!

AND!!! thusly in the January transfer saga via "Financial Fairplay"

Wenger will break all bank records to become too big to fail!  Joy unbounded!!!

The Specialone:

<In his best Brooks Brothers
 with a silver champion's league vase hung by a chain
 bursts in boisterously from Stamford Bridge
 He is leading a big bear by a rope of bombast
 and urges him towards Wenger in wanton fun>

Hoiho! Hoiho!

mourinho animated GIF

Come on Come on!
Tear him! Tear him!
The silly smith!

<Wenger drops the sword in terror
 and takes refuge behind the forge
 while the Specialone
 shouting with laughter
 keeps driving the bear after him>

Wenger at the anvil:

Hence with the beast!
I want not the bear!

the Specialone:

I come thus paired
The better to pinch thee
Bruin, ask for the sword!


Hey! Let him go!
There lies the weapon;
It was finished to-day.

The Specialone:

Then thou art safe for to-day!

<He lets the bear loose and strikes
him on the back with the rope>

Off, Bruin!
I need thee no more.

<The bear runs back into Stamford Bridge>



S&P Closes Down 6.66%


Mark of the Beastly Bottom?



As many of you know, the S&P 500 reached a decade low in March 2009 at the infamous level of none other than 666.

Of course, we now know that the “mark of the beast” defined the level at which maximum fear was priced into the market.

So, with the S&P down today 6.66% it will be very interesting to see if this, once again, becomes a floor our hellish markets rebound from. Of course, I make no predictions based on such numerological speculations; however, if the market rallies definitively off today’s lows, I am sure it will fit quite nicely along other so called technical indicators like the Hindenburg Omen, Death Cross, Three Black Crows, or the Abandoned Baby (no kidding, look it up).

I, for one, would cast my vote for Satan’s Support or Mark of the Beastly Bottom.

In all seriousness, the market’s huge sell-off today—the Dow was also down a whopping 634 points—is being widely attributed to the symbolic decision by the major credit ratings agency, Standard & Poor’s, to downgrade U.S. debt from its highly revered AAA status down to AA+, a reflection that the risk of default has increased by a very small amount.

In response to this decision, Alan Greenspan decided to capture headlines by saying that there is “zero probability of default” since the U.S. “can always print money”. To me, this is extremely alarming that the previous Federal Reserve chairman would openly admit such a thing since this still amounts to default in real terms, as Vitaliy Katnelson explains very well in his latest piece, “We Are Not AAA”:

The chance the US will default on its debt in a traditional sense is zero. Yes, zero. All of our obligations are in US dollars. Governments that can print their own currencies don’t go through traditional default, they default through the printing press (i.e., by inflation). It will take a few more dollars to buy bread, vodka, potatoes, and cigarettes (I am going authentic here) year after year. The US government will honor its obligations in nominal terms (ignoring inflation), meanwhile defaulting on its debt in real terms (adjusted for inflation).

Of course, our creditors aren’t stupid and are clearly aware of this fact. For the time being though, they’re stuck with US Treasuries and the US dollar for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, the events going on in Europe only seem to solidify this fact given that any contingency plan for a separate world reserve currency (or basket of currencies) involving the euro is not looking all that favorable.

So what is deflation?:

Arsenal winning the Champions League!!! AfterALL!!

Deflating overvalued albatroses in Spain, Portugal, Italy and France, what a Chalom bene.

crash animated GIF


On 22 August 2015, a Hawker Hunter T7 jet aircraft crashed into vehicles on a main road

during a display at the Shoreham Airshow in Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex, England.

Killing at least eleven people and injuring sixteen others.

Four people were hospitalised, with one person, the pilot, in critical condition.

the Quotable one:

If I wanted to have an easy job

I would have stayed at Porto.

Beautiful blue chair

the UEFA Champions League trophy


and after God



Then David ran

and stood over the Pelishti

and took his sword

and drew it out of the sheath of it

 and killed him

and cut off his head therewith

When the Pelishtim saw

that their champion was dead

 they fled
 wonder why Europes brightest and youngest went in droves to their deaths in WWI, turning Europe into an ossuary?

They were a leading indicator of the human flock die off.

  Those guilty of that crime wont hesitate to sacrifice you as well, this is more than a promise or a warning.

  Do not seek to harden yourself against the day with self destructive ways, it will be UNIMAGINABLE. 


The world has been hijacked by a power-hungry satanic sumerian religious order. They control the entire international finances scene and thus monolithically own the media and the politicians around the globe. They seize real property by shrinking and expanding the money supply and exploiting the discounted foreclosure auctions, they purchase on the peak of deflation everything that produces profit and receive interest from all the money, as money is debt. Those people are usurpers that spread corruption, deception, disgrace, manipulation and false values and systematically humiliate, rape, torture and murder children.

    Mihhail Veingold, in a speech before the Tallinn Univeristy alumni (2012)

horror animated GIF  and those you would think not, eventually show you their true colors: