How to measure one'self properly, tape measure not needed.

How to measure one'self properly, tape measure not needed.

Dec 6, 2014, 11:25 AM |

The pastor once said to the itenerant bum who frequents the hand out section at the back of the church,

"Is it better to give than to receive or is it more profitable to flatter to deceive?"

the bum in his innocent way said, " the 1st option suits me better sir, but if I was in Arsenal's shoes I would rather be flattered."



2soccer animated GIF




Which member of group 2 would make the cut in either group 1 or group 3?

This is how you flatter to deceive:

1. You look at how much a player makes now before inflation.

2. You look at how much a team spends before inflation.

3. You thusly consider inflation free results fair value.

Thusly you are deceived, and a greater windbag than the current babbler in your blogosphere.  Therefore what ever current figure you see divide it in half at least, and do the same to the talent purchased thereby.

Alexis and Sagna are rightfully excluded and my best bet is that group 2 are all 2nd teamers.

Now if frustrated sing:

There, take back the pieces,
Pitiful bungler!
'Tis on thy skull
It should have been broken!
Shall such a braggart
Still go on boasting,
Telling of giants
And prowess in battle,
Of deeds of valour,
And dauntless defence?--
A sword true and trusty
Try to forge me,
Praising the skill
He does not possess?
When I take hold
Of what he has hammered,
The rubbish crumbles
At a mere touch!
Were not the wretch
Too mean for my wrath,
I would break him in bits
As well as his work--

If you have hope in your heart:

But Jesus answered and said

 Ye know not what ye ask

 Are ye able to drink of the cup that I shall drink of

 and to be baptized with the baptism that I am baptized with?

They say unto him

 We are able.

It is better to prove it and take the cup....