In a nutshell

In a nutshell

Nov 27, 2014, 6:47 PM |

Jack Wilshere

Wilshere undergoes surgery to left ankle

Jack Wilshere has had successful surgery on his left ankle and will be out for approximately three months.
27 Nov 2014

Wilshere: Will share but at a price.

pros: potential, but like my chess, no physique for true master status

cons: heavy touch leads to injuries due to forced passing, overly left footed, over rated which brings on added social pressure.

Verdict: 2nd heavily left footed player(Ozil) without true pace to bite the dust, an unbalanced team leading to over stressed players; not enough height nor athleticism in the team to cover these players is the ultimate cause, in my opinion.  These players would have reached their potential if the team wasn't unbalanced by the personnel and formation.

If frustrated sing:

Slavery! worry!
Labour all lost!
The strongest sword
That ever I forged,
That the hands of giants
Fitly might wield,
This insolent urchin
For whom it is fashioned
Can snap in two at one stroke,
As if the thing were a toy!

But! if you have hope take note of the master himself:

So lets strike a pose in effigy of our hero

note the elbows on knees

head bowed

perfect haunch well balanced

prayers offered

and may the redeemed of the Lord say so now,

"What is man O Lord, that thou art mindfull of him?!"