Part II The Trumpian Times:  The Day of Infamy and The Rise of the Arsenal Machines

Part II The Trumpian Times: The Day of Infamy and The Rise of the Arsenal Machines

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for we are sold,

I and my people,

to be destroyed,

to be slain,

and to perish.

But if we had been sold for bondservants and bondmaids,

I had held my shalom,

although the adversary could not have compensated for the king's damage.



By craftsmen and mean men, these pageants are played,

And to commons and countrymen accustomably before:

If better men and finer heads now come, what can be said?



First two F-35 jets en route to Israel

Stealth aircraft to touch down at Nevatim Air Base for reception ceremony to be attended by US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter

By Judah Ari Gross and Times of Israel staff December 12, 2016, 7:36 pm


The Israel Defense Forces sent out a video from one of the American pilots flying the jet, known in Hebrew as the “Adir,” meaning mighty or great, who congratulated the Jewish state on its expected receipt of the aircraft.

“It’s a historic moment for you, for the world, and specifically the region, on receiving this jet,” said the pilot who said he goes by the name “Animal.




(_coming to Abraham and offering him a cup

of wine and bread on a plate_).

Abraham, welcome must thou be,

God's grace is fully in thee,

Blessed ever must thou be

That enemies so can make.

I have brought, as thou may'st see,

Bread and wine for thy degree;

Receive this present now from me,

And that I thee beseke.



Sir king, welcome in good say,

Thy present is welcome to my pay.

God has helpéd me to-day

Unworthy though I were.

He shall have part of my prey

That I won since I went away.

Therefore to thee thou take it may

The tenth I offer here.


Abraham receives the bread and wine,

and Melchisedec the laden horse

as tithe from Lot.


Alexis: No, you shouldn't exist. We took out Champions League over ten years ago. We stopped Judgment Day.
Wenger: You only postponed it. Judgment Day is inevitable.



Of this deed of devotion,

An you will, it is shewn,

May turn you to much good.

This deed you see done in this place,

In example of Jesus done it was,

That for to win mankind grace

Was sacrificed on the rood.

By Abraham you may understand

The Father of heaven that can fand

With his son's blood to break that band

The devil had brought us to.

By Isaac understand I may

Jesus who was obedient aye,

His father's will to work alway,

His death to undergo.




9 reasons why Arsenal star Mesut Ozil is more of a hero than you could ever imagine


Come and heap: Rabbi Nathan said:

The whole continent is situated under one star.

We know that a man looks at a star while he is walking east.

He finds himself opposite the star,

and when he walks in the direction of the four corners of the world,

it is also opposite him.

Therefore, the whole continent must be under one star.

This, too, can be disproved.






'Al d'ateft atfu'kh, v'sof m'tifaikh ytufun

That which is born of the flesh is flesh.

That which is born of the Spirit is spirit.


The object of waging a war is always to be in a better position in which to wage another war




Lasker vs Steinitz 1896
A Return Match in Moscow

In January of 1896 Emanuel Lasker won the very strong St. Petersberg tournament ahead of Steinitz, Pillsbury, and Chigorin by an impressive two point margin. Wilhelm Steinitz achieved second place, and this admirable finish was enough encourage the persistent veteran to challenge Lasker one more time. Lasker accepted, and they agreed to meet in Moscow in November of 1896.

Steinitz and Lasker, 1896However, before that match could take place, there was one more very strong tournament to get through: the Nuremberg Tournament in the summer. In addition to Lasker and Steinitz, the line-up included Tarrasch, Pillsbury, Chigorin, Blackburne and an upcoming star from Vienna by the name of Carl Schlechter. In August of 1896, after 18 intense rounds of chess, Lasker took the top honors at Nuremberg with a score +12 -3 =3, one of the crowning achievements of his career. Steinitz's sixth place with a score of +10 -6 =2 was a disappointment, and did not bode well for his chances in the upcoming Moscow match.

Come November, the two great rivals met in Moscow. Steinitz lost the very first game with the White pieces. Lasker won the second game, which some regard as the best game of the match. More wins for Lasker followed, one after another, and after only 17 games, Lasker retained his title with the tremendous score of 10 to 2 (and 5 draws).

Four weeks later, Steinitz's mind went, and he was sent to a psychiatric clinic. He was soon found to be hopelessly mad.


La tyrannie est toujours mieux organisée que la liberté. 



We shall meet in the place where there is no darkness


all tyrannies can be traced to planned failures of perfectly good man made creations. Beware the enemy within...