Berlin Candidates 2018 - Round 2

Berlin Candidates 2018 - Round 2

GM alexcolovic
Mar 11, 2018, 3:48 PM |

It's refreshing to see Kramnik on the White side of the Berlin. Though the result was the one we're used to, he did put an enormous pressure on Karjakin and probably a strong computer can find a breakthrough (mine couldn't, stubbornly showing 0.00 all the time).

Grischuk demolished So. It's unbelievable how one of the most solid players loses so easily. Today one mistake was all it took.

Caruana was lucky to draw. When the preparation ended both players made mistakes, the last one was Ding's when he missed a great chance after the time control.

Mamedyarov's novetly on move 10 didn't really pose big problems to Aronian.

Full report here with analysis of Grischuk's win and Ding's miss.