Berlin Candidates 2018 - Round 6

Berlin Candidates 2018 - Round 6

GM alexcolovic
Mar 16, 2018, 5:24 PM |

A shocking round. And it's all about Kramnik.

MVL called Kramnik the player "who best understands chess." After seeing today's press conference where Big Vlad kept on talking how he was better and showing lines that he thought were good for him while the engine was giving +3 to Mamedyarov I could only see his over-confidence cloud his objectivity. In chess, the player who loses objectivity always loses the game.

I was shocked to see Kramnik lose sight of reality. The player "who best understands chess" is not the same one who plays in Berlin.

So won a great game against Aronian, first showing excellent and deep preparation in the Anti-Marshall and then outplaying Aronian.

Grischuk doesn't tire from the Benoni (after being totally lost against Aronian yesterday) as he entered another one against Caruana. A very high-quality game in spite of certain inaccuracies by both players.

Ding and Karjakin drew.

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