Fantasy Chess League

Fantasy Chess League

GM alexcolovic
Jul 11, 2018, 5:35 AM |

Everybody knows of Fantasy Leagues, but I don't think I've heard of one dealing with chess!

As I recently discovered, there actually is one here on -

The rules are pretty much the same as in other fantasy leagues - you choose the players from the given tournament and predict who will win it and do best. Then these results are rated. Bear in mind that this is a new project and it is still to a certain extent a work in progress.

Here are more details:

1. One entry per account (your most recent entry is the only one that counts)

2. Registration closes at the scheduled start time of the tournament.

3. If a player has been caught cheating, for example due to chess engine usage, their result from that tournament will be changed to a zero.

4. If more than one participant wins any prize, that prize will be split.

5. If there is a replacement player in a tournament, one that isn't included in the initial fantasy contest, you will instead get however many points that replacement player scores.

For the time being the prizes are diamond memberships for 

Good luck!