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زاینده رود

Jun 4, 2014, 9:52 PM 13


من خودم توی تلوزیون ایران شنیدم

که یک روحانی میگفت علت باران های سیل آسای اروپا و امریکا بی حجابی زنان است من هم روسری از سرم برداشتم و به اسمان نشانش دادم تا بارانش را ببارد بر سر زاینده رودمان شهر من بی زنده رود و من با روسری همیشه غمگین است

I heard with my own ears that a clergyman said on an Iranian TV channel that women's bad hijab causes rainstorms and floods. And that's why they happen often in Europe or the US. So I'll take my scarf off and show it to the sky so that it pours down on me and fills our Zayandeh Rood (a river that has had no water flowing in it during the past few years). This city without this river flowing through it is sad; and so am I with a scarf on my head!

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