Checkmates: Rook and Bishop Mates

Aug 21, 2011, 10:16 PM |

More stuff here, straight from the book "Winning Chess Combinations," by Yasser Seirawan.  I have been learning very useful stuff from this book and it is enjoyable to read.  I think I may have to check out other books by Yasser.  These posts are meant to be study guides for myself, but I hope they are useful to others as well.  If any of my posts are helpful to you, feel free to comment and let me know!  


The two long-range pieces Rook and Bishop are a deadly attacking duo.  It is impressive how well they coordinate with one another.  The diagram below illustrates a basic Rook and Bishop mate.


Another major avenue of attack for the Rook is the conquest of the back rank:

Let's spice up these Rook and Bishop checkmating patterns...
This is from a game of Josef Cukierman's from a blog on him I read by GM Gserper.  A pawn joins forces with a single Rook and Bishop for a neat checkmate.