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Blind man searched while applying for health benefits in the U.S.

Jul 25, 2013, 2:42 PM 2

Blind man searched while applying for health benefits in the U.S.


A week or so ago, I received an automated phone call that my health benefits were going to be cut off at the end of the month if I didn’t mail in some paperwork.  The irony is that I had already mailed in the paperwork.  


I used the Internet to find the office, and it happened to be fairly close to where I lived, an area that it is fairly easy to get lost in if you don’t know the neighborhood, because there are few landmarks and the buildings look similar.  


I got on the bus, and found a vacant seat near one of those surveillance cameras that are now on all the buses.  I remember back in the 1970’s there were protests and even extended public hearings against these very unpopular surveillance cameras.  


As I walked to the office, I passed someone that looked like a famous chess player who was shaking his head in discouragement.  I know it couldn’t be, but I got closer to the office who’s address was not marked very well, so I wound up passing it.  There were several surveillance globes around the building.  


I found the office, and I went in.  I saw a line of telephones presumable reserved for people to call about the status of their health benefits.  Some of the partitions, had graffiti on them.  There were several people waiting to get into the building.  There was a metal detector and there was a tall woman with a facelift that was searching everyone that came into the building in blatant violation of constitutional rights against unwarranted searches.  There was a blind man who put his cane on the table saying “Here’s my cane.”  


I decided it was not worth the hassle, I was just going to call the office from my home phone since that was all that people wear being searched for, to use a phone. 



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