I will never vote for a politician that is supporting the proliferation of unwarranted surveillance.

Aug 25, 2013, 1:59 PM |

As an American youth, I use to hear horror stories about how in the former Soviet Union the citizens were constantly spied on; how even in there own homes, they had to fear that what they said might be recorded.  

I was grateful that I was an American protected by the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights:  Right to Free Speech, Right to Peaceful Assembly, My person and property were protected from unwarranted searches.  

These rights are being eroded and turning into “hollow words” (to use William Vollmann’s phrase) due to inaction, inattention, and malign neglect on the part of civic leaders and particularly those in the executive branches.  

These illegal, unwarranted, surveillance cameras are ever increasing, and turning the U.S. into what it once hated and feared.  


Yesterday, I was walking down the street and I was almost hit by a car as it failed to yield at the stop sign of an intersection.  As it was Saturday night, the driver was likely driving while intoxicated. Ironically, Immediately afterward, a police car passed by and apparently missed the whole incident.  I did not bother to report this to the police.  A few feet away, there were surveillance cameras, and this is the future.  Just like at the local Laundromat, it is not uncommon to have these cameras watching the broken machinery and machines overflowing with soap suds, just so the crimes will be committed and be ignored yet preserved on digital video.  An Orwellian technocratic dystopia touted as Utopia by the so called highly educated, when even a cursory examination of the laws as well as common sense dictates that these security cameras are unconstitutional.    


I continued to visit a local taqueria, but I was disgusted to see that the taqueria now had installed these unnecessary surveillance cameras.   


It is wrong to suppose that these surveillance camera’s will help inattentive law enforcement.  To give another example:  In the subway system, there has been a proliferation of these cameras to a point beyond superfluous, and they are ever increasing.  In fact, the local news reported that over a million dollars is being spent to install a new canopy with more surveillance cameras, and when one passes all the surveillance cameras, one sees that the escalator is in disrepair. Any problems that were in the subway system were manageable, by the station agents, and they were relatively few and somewhat innocuous misdemeanors such as vagrancy and panhandling, and even with these so-called security cameras, these problems continue.