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FIDE tournaments

FIDE tournaments

Oct 28, 2016, 5:18 PM 1

Recently I participated in my second FIDE rated tournament. They are usually very short. Previous оnе was only 5 rounds, and this one was slightly longer - 6 round Swiss. Playing 2 standard 90min games per day is extremely tiring as the value of every half-point is very high and can be decisive further. The tournaments are played during weekends (or long weekends), and I still do not understand why they cannot set to have the games in evenings after work/school (one day - one game).
It is very interesting though when all grades play together. A lot of surprises and upsets happened when strong guys were beaten by much weaker players. I personally had the only defeat from a 400pt lower young lad blundering the 7th rank threat in the very first round. "Thou shalt not relax" in a winning position as the defender seeks any chance to survive. Mea culpa.
Another thing is the ELO rating. I know how much strong players cherish and protect their ratings. Your ELO is the key to enter stronger player groups, respectful tournaments, to get bigger prizes etc. Upsets in the tournament can bite off quite a big piece of your rating even if you lost just once. All other rounds you will try to seal the ELO hull.
Since FIDO rated tournaments are relatively rare (especially for such a small country like NZ), I can definitely say that FIDE rating doesn't reflect the actual player's strength. It shows a deflated ELO. The national rating is almost always significantly higher. That raises an issue of assigning players to correct groups by their actual chess strength rather than FIDE rating. Normally the national rating is used rather than FIDE for such purposes.

Scoring 4 out of 6 and getting to the 10th place in the end I consider a good result. If not the stupid loss in the first round I might have done better. Nevertheless, the tournament was interesting as every chess game is like an adrenalin shot to me. My most interesting game was against J. Aguilar in Round 4 that had quite a lot of tactics and a skewer threat in the end.

Link to the tournament: http://www.newzealandchess.co.nz/Vega2016/wwwMervMorrison/standing.html

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