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Try the way you hate the most.

Try the way you hate the most.

Feb 8, 2017, 6:27 PM 4

When I was young I hated super sharp play. I almost didn't play any gambits and tried to avoid unnecessary risks. Then I had a revelation. Actually, you need to exercise exactly in the direction that you hate. Meaning, if you do not like sharp play - you are probably weak at tactics and should spend time exercising your counting abilities. If you hate strong positional play - you must spend time learning strategy etc. If you don't like defending - improve your defence skills. At the same time do not forget about our favourite things and evolve in that direction too. Versatility is a very strong factor in the chess game. One must love chess game in all its abundance, only then it is possible to find best moves in different situations.
Sounds very simple, yet it took for me years to understand.

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