blitzing the comp

Dec 16, 2010, 3:25 AM |

Ok, this is my first blog - it is a game i played against Computer3-Hard on a 5+0 time control. The purpose of this blog is not to show an amazing win against a mediocre opponent, but for my own benefit - and to share with you - i am going to show this game without deep analysis, merely monitoring my own thinking during a blitz game. All analysis and comments that you will see are my own thoughts during the game. In this way i am going to show you what goes on in my head while playing blitz - and perhaps it will also help me to spot errors in my chess thinking. So here goes...

so this was it. during the writing of this blog i realized alternate lines that could be stronger, but i didnt want to blog a post-mortem analysis, we can always do those with the rybkas and fritzes - i wanted to share my ideas during the game. the ideas that were enough to beat the comp in a blitz game.

i am not sure why it sacs pieces so dubiously, but thats what it does. this is an example of exploiting that engine "feature".