Getting your mojo back after a loss

Mar 27, 2012, 12:59 PM |

Hi Players!

Just following up on a posting from about a month ago. ( 

I played 2 more games since then, both in that same tournament ( swiss section) and it seems like I'm getting back to normal. The first game is against my long time opponent, we played around 10 games. We talked after a game and he mentioned that it was the best game we had played. Note that it sounds like both of us were working together on something and it end up being a success. I like that. I agree with his comment because neither of us made obvious mistakes or blunders in this game. I'm white.

The next game is agains 1100+ player and it was an easy win.

I advised my opponent to start playing d4 since it leads to more positional rather than tactical game. Here's one of my first d4 games against candidate master which I happen to win.

Good games everyone!