The Start of My Journey

The Start of My Journey

Jan 8, 2011, 5:57 PM |

At this point I have played mostly turned-based games on and my turn-based rating seems to have settled in the 1500s. I am curious as the whether or not I can achieve a rating of 2000 over time. My goal is not to become a FIDE master. That will never happen. There isn't even an opportunity to play chess competitively in my area. If that ever changes though, I will be on it.

First, I need a short range goal. Let's say that for starters, I want to get my ratings all above 1600. I know that 2000 may take a few years so I need something within reach. 

Second, I need a plan for getting there. I need a training cycle that allows me to study for mostly short periods of time (I have kids). I also need a cycle that covers most aspects of the game (opening, middle, and end game). Here is the training cycle that I have come up with:


  1. Openings – 30 Minutes (Memorize new opening)
  2. Tactics/End Games –30 minutes
  3.  Play Opening from both sides against computer
  4.  Play Live Chess (Blitz games) – 30 minutes
  5.  Review Games – 30 minutes
  6. Tactics/End Games -30 minutes
  7.  Chess Videos – 1 hour
  8. Chess Mentor –15 minutes
  9. Strategy - 30 minutes
  10. Chess Visualization – 15 minutes
  11.  Opening Review – 30 minutes (review favorite openings – not one from this week)
  12.  Play Live Chess With Longer Time Limit  
  13. Review and Annotate Game

Well, it is going to be a long hard road, but hopefully I will get to my destination. I welcome and encourage all the constructive criticism I can get along the way.