Dec 14, 2011, 12:48 AM |

             Many a times ,people have a curiosity to know about Reiki,when they come across this word while reading my profile !

             So,this is a short introduction to Reiki !

Reiki is a technique of healing that comes from Japan ,based on the concept of vital force within the nature & individuals & the "Chakra system" described in Yoga science of Bharat !

It consists of 2 words in Japanese language  :- 

rei (: "spirit, miraculous, divine") and ki ( "gas, vital energy, breath of life, consciousness").

Reiki is a technique where by a healer becomes a medium to connect a receiver with the "universal vital force energy= Rei" ,there by increasing the flow of this force through the "chakras" which are the unseen gate ways situated on one's energy body & whose weakness may give rise to shortage of this energy supply to the body giving rise to a disease condition !This can be done by direct touch or even distantly with imagination using certain symbols !

Since Reiki helps to increase this vital force in your body ,it is supportive to almost all the disease conditions including body & mind !The results are excellent in case of depressions ,allergy ,muscular pain etc.It helps to heal fractures & infections & wounds much faster.

The limitations are that,at times ,it may take time depending upon the blocks in the chakras or even zero results if they are too severe or in case of illness like wide spread cancer is good site ,where you can read the experiences of many people !

At this stage,i think,this is an emerging pathy & much needs to be done in the field of scientific research to analyse the definite results in certain conditions ! So,at this stage ,it is good to get the disease diagnosed with the modern medicine first & then judiciously use the Reiki as a main or supportive therapy ,depending upon the severity of the illness !