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Is this pin by any chance
Lets make Universe.

Is this pin by any chance

Nov 8, 2017, 3:27 AM 0

I do not understand, why my opponent didn't cut My Knight by Rook, is it because its of kind of pin.

I understood there is one pin, but is this consecutive which I had commented out in depicted chess, is a pin by any chance.

Sometimes I realize very much Ethical Game, which I shouldn't give as part of my startup even I was lost, maybe that made me to play more ethical. e..E.

[Event "Live Chess"]
[Site "Chess.com"]
[Date "2017.11.08"]
[White "fred193"]
[Black "bram-stokers"]
[Result "0-1"]
[ECO "B00"]
[WhiteElo "798"]
[BlackElo "910"]
[TimeControl "600"]
[EndTime "2:14:36 PST"]
[Termination "bram-stokers won - game abandoned"]
[CurrentPosition "rnb1kb1r/1p1p1ppp/4pq2/pBP5/4P3/3n4/PP4PP/RNB1KR2 w Qkq - 0 12"]

1.e4 {[%clk 0:09:57]} a5 {[%clk 0:09:54]} 2.Bc4 {[%clk 0:09:51]} c5 {[%clk 0:09:49]} 3.Qf3 {[%clk 0:09:48]} e6 {[%clk 0:09:44]} 4.d4 {[%clk 0:09:41]} cxd4 {[%clk 0:09:38]} 5.Ne2 {[%clk 0:09:35]} Qb6 {[%clk 0:09:34]} 6.Nxd4 {[%clk 0:09:33]} Qxd4 {[%clk 0:09:31]} 7.Qd3 {[%clk 0:09:25]} Qf6 {[%clk 0:09:26]} 8.Bb5 {[%clk 0:09:24]} Nh6 {[%clk 0:09:16]} 9.c4 {[%clk 0:09:14]} Ng4 {[%clk 0:09:11]} 10.c5 {[%clk 0:09:06]} Nxf2 {[%clk 0:09:09]} 11.Rf1 {[%clk 0:08:55]} Nxd3+ {[%clk 0:09:04]} 12.Ke2 {[%clk 0:08:46]} Nxc1+ {[%clk 0:08:52]} 13.Kd2 {[%clk 0:08:44]} Qxb2+ {[%clk 0:08:47]} 0-1



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