Moon Poem

Dec 18, 2009, 7:10 PM |

It started with breath

That came from the depth

Where the calm and content

Rule all who present

All move so free

As they float in the sea

All creatures can fly

With such ease they try

No chance you can fail

For water can scale

The balance to peace

But when you release

You'll find you can rest

Wherever you quest

The breathless-ness that all nature predicts

The judges then judge and pass their verdict

Fighting chaos as one joins in creation

This time begins right after conception

First in this time creating this order (fix)

Down in the depth, where dark is so darker (fix)

The blackness surrounds encompassing all

Sight is not granted, yet life does (can) still sprawl (yet life still enthralls)

All can reside

So deeply inside

A beautiful womb

To all that find room

The softness contained

As all is ordained

Regardless of need

The sea will concede

Fulfilling each wish

so all can flourish

both fauna and flora

live in the aura

that keeps them alive

and allows them to thrive

And color abounds all blessed in the grasp

wanting for none and not knowing of rasp

and Given to all is all of ones need

All is so given, because it's decreed

But giving is taking, as to the view

And for that to happen, a spark must imbue

Burning forever if fuels on the wick

Great fires can start from such a small flick

When all was combined

The pieces refined

The potion would stew

Until it was threw

But when all was set

The father beget

But life did not seethe

For nothing did breathe

Creating a soul

But lacking a whole

And all that was sought

Was trapped in a thought

The body not formed

For no spark had warmed

A spark creates fire warming the air

And fire can live if it's given care

A blaze can ensue if fuel is avail

The flame can then spread and life will prevail

But one thing is missing that it will need

Breath must be added for life to proceed

The rhythm of breath is one with a beat

It pulsates in time and makes one replete

They walk hand and hand

Thus forming a strand

Intrinsic they bind

Existence aligned

Would never fine peace

Alone it would cease

Without the soft breeze

That flows with such ease

Their union allows

Our bodies to rouse

And through this embrace

A beautiful grace

The spark can take flight

The flame will burn bright

The breath and the pulse allow us to guide

An urn for the soul, A home to reside

The greatest of gifts that one can extol

A mother's great love that fills up the whole

Her love is passed and allows us to start

The beat that we breathe does come from her heart

She is the conduit that offers her gift

Her patience allows the great soul to lift

The spark moves from womb

Allowing to bloom

Continuing on

Since waking lights dawn

The cycle will swell

To all whom befell

But cycles are round

And tend to surround

And life had a start

When soul met its part

A birth must erupt

That happens abrupt

And with a great might

He woke up the night