Strugling against all odds

Oct 15, 2010, 9:12 PM |

I had some trouble sleeping tonight so instead of continue to torture me i decided to do some household work. While I was doing that I remember I had to book time for the laundry room so I could do my laundry tomorrow, so i went out almost 5:30 in the morning. Outside its cold, dark and the air is damp. Im freezing and it feels like it is almost 0 degrees C in this October night.

While I was walking towards the Laundry room I saw this amazing thing. In the garden Im walking through everything that has been planted either flowers or bushes has long time lost its beauty and has past beyond its golden days but...

Just in the middle of the garden there is something that really cough my Eyes view. Right in this dead landscape of a garden is a few flowers still struggle to survive in this hostile climate. The flowers are some roses which even though they have every odds against them still fights on and tries to show the beauty for the cold world around. It was just so amazing and it really touched me.

 It made me think of a friend that I know is in the same situation. Always fighting  against all ods to make the world around a better place to enjoy. Sometimes we just need to stop and just take time to recognize good things. It might be a friendship, a shiny day or just like in this situation...

Some beautiful Roses fighting to survive in this cold and hostile world.

This is what I Saw --------->