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Against Paulsen with early g6

Against Paulsen with early g6

Sep 27, 2016, 8:43 AM 0
Recently I was looking at ways to react against the g6 move in Paulsen. This was after my lost game against GM Jakubowski in this variation, where I couldn't find the right plan in the opening. 
I looked in the database to find the game between GM Grigoryan and GM Jakubowski, which was a quick win for white.
I found it really nice, how white created the initiative with the move 10. a5! Even though it's not a winning move, it puts a nice pressure on the opponent, resulting in his mistake. White used the development advantage to create an attack. Which is probably the answer I was looking for - when all Black does is pawn moves, a quick development + aggresive play like a5 can create a strong initiative.

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