Apr 23, 2014, 5:26 PM |

Everyone wants to give, but the problem for most people is that by the time they've finished taking care of themselves and their family, and get around to the giving part, they've got nothing left. Wealthy people will tell you that to see the revolutionary financial benefits of tithing, it has to be a priority, and the first thing you do when you receive your income.


Having plenty of money or having a lack of money is based on what we constantly hold in our mind, and the law of attraction will obey and faithfully fulfill either one equally. Tithing is a powerful way to revolutionize your mind about money; the very act of tithing says that there is plenty of money, because you're giving some away. As a consequence, it will increase the flow of money and all good things into your life. And, you will discover that the joy and happiness you receive in return is far beyond the monetary value of what you gave.

So, who do you tithe to? Choose something that inspires YOU and that elicits strong positive feelings of joy and happiness in you. If those emotions subside after a while, feel free to change where you tithe. You can begin at 5% or lower, and work your way up to 10%.

Try it...