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life and chess ^_^

May 15, 2008, 3:15 PM 2
as my father often times tells me that playing chess is more like learning life somehow.. i can't deny that he is a very experienced man, in chess or in life either ways.. playing chess is somehow making your self as each chess piece you move.. we start a good foundation to be strong in some difficulties we somehow could foresee for the future.. moving a piece in chess needs lots of thinking and planning and putting some reason in every strategy that we try to build.. also, we never under estimate every situation as we expect the worse to come in life.. but playing chess is boxed with its four walls of common sense and logic, but life couldn't always be boxed in those as it is.. chess doesn't include more emotion than of satisfactions when you win or of regrets when you lose.. life is more varied than of chess and when we're once checked mate in life, we might not be able to do a rematch from it, but surely we learn.. Smile

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