May 10, 2008, 12:52 PM |

jake234 was my first opponent here in my father's comment?? wwwhhhaaahhh!! my game sucks!!!!!! lol.. ^_^ that is what i'm really expecting from him to say.. ^_^ i tried to beat the player as fast as i can though sacrificing 2 officials but the round table turned and i lose my concentration at the end.. lol.. but it was gentle from my opponent not seeing that he could have beaten me earlier with his bishop.. that's been a kind of him.. lol..

 what i have learned for that fight??

1. build your defenses and don't waste any of your officials again.. lol

2. have patience and don't hurry up.. coz the game i'm playing is chess and not a marathon.. lol

3. just enjoy the game and learn from your mistakes..

4. never give up and still aim the battle with my father (that would come one day..) ..hahahaha!!