2016 GP Report #2

May 4, 2016, 5:25 PM |

There were no big changes from the previous report to this one as the biggest event in the month of March was the Spring Open in Seattle, which was medium. Also, Your's Truly happily got to experience the pleasure of being in the top 12 of his state(11th with 30 pts). In Washington, nobody jumped classes unfortunately.

Coming up next, is a Rose City(Portland) Sectional torunament with sections like the North American Open(U2300, U2100, U1900, etc.) A fun tournament to go to if you have the time. After that, is the biggie WA Open! 5x Multiplier with $7000 guaranteed.

Standings are through 3/29/16. Names in bold went to the Spring Open in Seattle.

  1. Stephen J Buck(B)(81)
  2. Viktors Pupols(M)(55)
  3. Nick Raptis(M)(49.5)
  4. August Piper(C)(42.5)
  5. Brent Lee Baxter(A)(35.5)
  6. Andy Tien(D)(34.5)
  7. Aidan Lawler(D)(33)
  8. Revanth Pothukuchi(B)(32.5)
  9. Aniruddha Barua(C)(31)
  10. Brendan Zhang(A)(30.5)
  11. Andrew Jiang(D)(30)
  12. 2 tied at 29