2016 GP Report #3

May 20, 2016, 6:18 PM |

Just like last month, no significant changes at all due to the fact that there was only 1 multiplier event over the month of April(Harmon in Seattle). One of the only changes was that someone moved up a class over the month, shoutout to Aidan Lawler who moved up from 2nd D to 4th C. This moved Your's Truly to the D money.

In contrast to that, there will be 2 multipliers in May, the Rose City Sectionals(2x: hope you came to that one) and the huge WA Open(5x: I am going for SURE). These 2 events will for sure shuffle the leaderboards.

Standings are through 5/1. Players in Bold went to the Harmon. Highlighted players moved up a class.

1. Stephen J Buck(B)(106.5)

2. Viktors Pupols(M)(66.5)

3. August Piper(C)(57)

4. Nick Raptis(M)(49.5)

5. Revanth Pothukuchi(B)(48.5)

6. Brandon Jiang(C)(42)

7. Andy Tien(D)(36.5)

8. Anthony He(X)(36)

9. Brent L Baxter(A)(35.5)

10.Cameron D Lesile(X)(35)

10. Alec Beck(B)

10. Aniruddha Barua(C)