2016 GP Report #4

Jul 5, 2016, 5:09 PM |

As expected, the Washington Open had a tremendous effect on the GP standings(especially Washington... DUH!).

Anyways, I've got good news to share with you: Your's Truly is still on the leaderboards in his class after a terrible performance from the washington open.

And of course, bad news... My fatal last round loss to Rushaan Mahajan(1414 att) enabled Michael Munsey(1373) and Ethan Pogrebinsky(1316) to surpass me.

More in Washington, this allowed a lot of new names onto the leaderboards, wether on the top 12 or class top 5. Bolds indicate those who went to the WA Open. Roland Feng(43.5)(2430); Neo Olin(40.5)(2098); Jason Yu(39.5)(2008); David Rupel(37.5)(2060); Sloan Seitadikurnia(48.5)(1959); Rowland Cordero(53.5)(1548); Kyle Zhang(51)(1401); and Ethan Pogrebinsky(55.5)(1305). A big shoutout also goes to Brandon Jiang for jumping from 2nd Class C to 3rd Class B thru the SCC April Tornado. Starting the torunament at 1557, Brandon scored wins against Steven A Harrison(att 1762-1750) and Peter J O'Gorman(att 1861-1823) in the 2nd-3rd rounds taking a 4th round bye and losing only to Eric Zhang(att 1799-1802), enough to secure 2.5 and go up to 1641. Good work Brandon, you've got a bright future ahead of you!

In Oregon however, not many shoutouts are given due to the fact that only 12 GP Leaderboard Oregonians attended and not all of them are new to the list. Anyways, shoutouts go to GM JAMES TARJAN(32.5)(2515); Aaron Grabinsky(30)(2375); Owen McCoy(37.5)(1977); Josiah Perkins(30)(1700); Michael Moore(42.5)(1586); and Ethan Zhang(20)(758). I'm sure there will be an even more tremendous effect on the Oregon standings once the Oregon Open is over.

In Idaho, only shoutout goes to Gregory D Callen(27)(617) because he was the only Idahoan who attended the Washington Open.

Here is Washington's Standings: Results are thru 6/1. Bolds indicate WA Open Participants.

1. Stephen J Buck(146)(B)

2. Viktors Pupols(103.5)(M)

3. Nick Raptis(90.5)(M)

4. Revanth V Pothukuchi(84.5)(B)

5. August Piper(83)(C)

6. Brent L Baxter(71)(A)

7. Jerrold Richards(68)(C)

8. Brandon Jiang(67)(B)

9. Addison Lee(65.5)(B)

10. Bryce Tiglon(61.5)(M)

11. Robin L Tu(60)(B)

12. Anthony B He(59.5)(X)