2016 GP Report #5: Halftime Report

Aug 8, 2016, 6:00 PM |

Ok so it is (not) the half mark of the year. However, the results are. I have not much to say bc Murlin doesn't. Instead of direct standings, I will post achievements.

Players who broke 100:

This year had a lot of 100+-point contestants compared to last year's Michael Munsey and Nick Raptis. Shoutouts to whoever sees their name!

  • Stephen J Buck
  • Viktors Pupols
  • Nick Raptis
  • Revanth Pothukuchi
  • Mike Hasuike

In Washington, current leaders of each class are

  • Viktors Pupols(M)(121.5)
  • Neo Olin(X)(40.5)
  • Brent L Baxter(A)(83.5)
  • Stephen J Buck(B)(168.5)
  • August Piper(C)(91)
  • Michael R Munsey(D)(71) *Ugh... still ahead oh me...Cry

Congrats to those who see their names!