2016 GP Report #6

Sep 2, 2016, 9:10 PM |

With the 2x Seafair Open, the month of July has made some significant changes to the leader boards. Not because of the prize fund, but because of the class jumping. That change was made by Jarod Buus of Nampa, Idaho who went from 1st Class B to Class A(YAY!!). Unfortunately, Buus fell of the leaderboard doing so(Uh-oh...). 

Also, a bunch of people although didn't jump classes, replaced people on the leaderboards. Congratulations to Roland Feng(M), Curt Collyer(M)(Both 55.5), Joseph Truelson(A)(74), Alec Beck(B)(70.5), James Tsai(C), Sean Uan-Zo-Li(C)(Both 17.5), Jeffrey Kou(D)(54.5), and Raymond Bai(D)(50).

There are 8 GP events in September over 4 weekends, in which 2 are multipliers, the Oregon Open(6x), and the Seattle Fall Open(2x).

Here are standing thru 8/1:

1. Stephen J Buck(193)(B)

2. Viktors Pupols(132)(M)

3. Revanth V Pothukuchi(114.5)(B)

4. Nick Raptis(107.5)(M)

5. August Piper(106)(C)

6. Brent L Baxter(102.5)(A)

7. Addison Lee(88)(A)

8. Bryce Tiglon(84.5)(M)

9. Anthony B He(82.5)(M)

10. Jerrold Richards(80)(C)

10. Michael Munsey(80)(D)

12. Brandon Jiang(79.5)(B)