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Chess.com Class Championships 1

Apr 5, 2016, 9:32 AM 5

Hello there folks! I will be directing the Chess.com Class Championships #1. Sections will consist of Master, Expert, U2000, U1800, U1600, and last but not least- U1400 and below. You may either play in your own section or play up 1 class maximum.

Links to signup:

Master: https://www.chess.com/tournament/open-1


A:  https://www.chess.com/tournament/class-a-1

B: https://www.chess.com/tournament/class-b-1

C: https://www.chess.com/tournament/class-c-1

D: https://www.chess.com/tournament/class-dunrated-1

Give me feedback on what additions to add to the tournament in future times or even this time in the comments below. THANKS!

Edit 4/6/16: You are only allowed to play in 1 section.

  1st registrant other than myself: ephemeron-17(B)(USA)!   

Edit 5/15/16: Winner of each section gets a virtual trophy.                                   

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