Emerald City Open 2016

Jun 19, 2016, 12:05 AM |

It was (kinda) right after the Washington Open, where I decided to rack up rating points for the end of the school year, by attending the Emerald City Open. Playing in the Reserve Section, Your's Truly ended up taking 2 hpbs, scoring 4/5 undefeated, beating 3 godzillas, racking up 244 rating points(1143-1387)!, and most importantly, tying for 2nd place overall.

As I wasn't planning to go, I went with the reluctant permission from my parents to the accelerated 2-day schedule. In the first round, I was paired up against Aidan Lawler(1459-1436), who had a powerful battery on my king at one point of the game.

Moving on the next round, I got white against Kerry Van Veen(1574-1551), whom I experimented against, and won. In one point of the game, I was down a knight and almost lost. In other words, this game was a teeter totter.

So there youv'e got it. 2 godzillas taken down on day 1. 2.5/3 with the .5 being a 3rd round hpb for a party.

Anyways, on the second day in round 4, I was paired up against Rowland Cordero(1543-1492). I had black this time. Another teeter totter/upset against a godzilla.

Unfortunately, my parents had accidentally prematurely posted my 4th round game (gg lmao). But hey, at least I won it. Here is what happened after move 39(please pay special attention to this): 39.cxd3, Bxd3 40. Kf2, Rf8+ White Resigns I win. 

After all, I took another bye in the 5th round for a not-so-fun recital which secured my 4.0, guaranteed 2nd place(at least I tied), and a 244 rating point boost after a bad performance from the washington open(i guess these cancel each other out).

Anyways after this, I will be taking a hiatus from chess and going back to China. Right after the plane ride home, I will be attending Seafair the next day(lmao jetlack maybe I could take byes in 1 and 2). Regardless, hope you enjoyed and see you at Seafair if I go after all!