Myself at the Oregon Open


"So how did it go?" "Good, but not as good as I expected," I replied. " Oh..., what happened?" "I got an upset prize against Brian Raffel in my morning round. But then jetlag bit me and I lost a disappointing game to Samuel which I should have drawn." Since I didn't do too well at Seafair due to jetlack, I was hoping for a better result at Oregon. 

2016/9/3- Despite a 3-hour drive from Seattle all the way to Portland, I decided to opt 2-day instead of 3-day since it wasn't only the right choice intuitively, but also distance-wise. Rather than playing U1600, I decided I was destined for Class B players ever since playing in the Emerald City Open in June, where I tied for 2nd place in the U1700 there.

*Rf8+* "I resign," went Rowland Cordero as we shook hands. I had gone away with 2nd place overall with 4.0/5 in Reserve(U1700).

So I played in the 2-day option of the U2000, and coming into the venue at 8:45 AM, I saw that there were ONLY 8 people entering in it with me with me being the lowest rated(1396) of everyone in it. (later HG Pitre told me that I was playing WAY up lmao) 

During the 1st round, I woke up to find out I was playing Numan Abdul-Mujeeb of Vancouver WA(1744). And we had a very tight game that I should have drawn.

Going on to the 2nd round, I was strangely paired against Gabriel Tafalla(1915-1896).
So I tried out the paulsen sicilian for once, and it truned out to be trash. Anyways, my next game was played against Carlo E Del Mundo, who had me completely outplayed, until I flagged him.
So yeah. However when my opponent found out he only had 1 second left, he asked me "Does this clock even have delay?" I was like, "Yeah, ofc." We kept arguing until Carlo(1860-1777) gave in and we used my clock. After the game, I showed him that my clock DID have delay and he was the one moving too slow. So a good 1st half of the tournament. 1/3 and a 1434 post rating. 
After merging schedules, I found myself playing Robert J Allen, who I was surprisingly able to outplay.
Awesome! Now I have a post rating of 1490! All I need is a draw in the next round and I will go past 1500. The next morning, I woke up to find myself playing College Freshman Valentin Molchanov. Unfortunately, I lost to a trompowsky.
Strangely enough, I played all washingtonians on the first day lmao. Despite coming all the way from seattle, I decided it was best for me to take a bye in the final round, so I can get home early just in time for school. Anyways, I was complimented by the fantastic views of Mount Rainier up I-5 and had a fun time gaining 95 rating points(1396-1481), and I hope I come back next year!