Others at the Oregon Open 2016

Sep 8, 2016, 4:59 PM |

The Oregon Open was one of my favorite events in a while. Before I get to that story, I will get to this one, Others at the Oregon Open 2016

In the BIG DAWG Open section, there were 14 masters playing out of 63 participants whom were playing in that section. Names include IM Justin Joe Sarkar from Nevada(2511-2498), GM James Edward Tarjan(2473-2474), FM Nick Raptis(2401-2394), FM Christopher W Chase(2390-2400), and FM Steven James Breckenridge(2352-2359). Nuff said. So 1st place went to Chris Chase CLEAR, with 5.5/6. On the way, Chris defeated Owen McCoy(2015-2028), Lennart Bjorksten(2142-2131), NM John (the J is silent) Doknjas(2246-2256), NM Mike Y Zaloznyy(2260-2264), and drew newly minted master Jason Cigan(2167-2219). Jason got CLEAR 2nd btw with 5/6. Nice work! Vying in for 3rd-7th were IM Justin Sarkar, GM James Tarjan, FM Nick Raptis, NM John Doknjas and NM Josh Sinanan(2206-2204) all with 4.5/6. I will do this just because, but top senior was Chris Chase(aka the winner of the event), top female was frankly Naomi Bashkansky(2077-2094) because of her 3/6 score, and top junior was John Doknjas.

In the medium U2000 section, things were fairly quiet, as there were less participants and just about everyone there was 13 and above. Anyways, Neil (brother of John) Doknjas(1871-1960) scooped the division up by attaining CLEAR 1st and a score of 5.5/6. On the way, Neil beat out Jerrold (getting closer to 1600) Richards (1511-1517), Steven E Merwin(1923-1934), Travis Olson (1880-1883), David E Murray(1796-1848), HG (Peet-ray) Pitre(1905-1883), and in the final round, drew Brent Baxter(1861-1917), which Brent and Aaron Nickoski(1799-1853) (both of Washington) tied 2nd-3rd with decent scores of 5/6 each. Now, you have top junior and senior in a nutshell, Neil Doknjas and Brent Baxter(senior). With her 3.5 score, Kerry Van Veen(1589-1672), who was playing up was top female.

Last but not least, the little U1600(the biggest) section. 3 people tied for 1st to 3rd lmao. Harry Demarest(1650-1650), Anne Marie Velea(1535-1548), and Roshen S Nair(1400-1516). Anne Mare was top female AND top junior as Hristo Arabadjiev(0-1529)!! was top senior.

This event was fun and I hope to come back next year.Smile